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Trustee Board & Trustee Selection 2024

The Trustee Board is a team of volunteers who work together, as charity trustees, to make sure Scouts is run safely and legally. At the heart of their role is a focus on strategy, performance and assurance. Effective Trustee Board governance helps our volunteers deliver fantastic programmes that give young people skills for life.

Effective Trustee Board governance helps our volunteers deliver fantastic programmes that give young people skills for life and maximises the Group's potential to make a hugely positive impact on its young members aged 4 - 18 years.

We are seeking Trustees to appoint from September 2024

Every Scout Group requires Trustees to form their Trustee Board.

We are currently seeking to appoint up to 11 Trustees, including Group Chair and Group Treasurer roles. The Trustee Board welcomes any adult aged 18 or over with an interest and/or skills in a governance role to apply. 

The time commitment is to attend Trustee Board meetings up to 6 times a year, along with our AGM, plus some tasks may need to be undertaken between meetings. 

Appointments are planned to be for a 3 year term, starting from our AGM on 22nd September 2024.

All Trustees will need to have a DBS check undertaken as part of their appointment, and complete 5 e-learning modules.

Applications can be made via the online application form link below, and will be reviewed by a panel who will make a recommendation to our current Trustee Board. The Group Scout Council will then be asked to appoint the recommended Trustees at our AGM.

Application deadline: 5th July 2024

Interested in applying? Please see the additional requirements below:

Dear Potential Trustee,

Thank you very much for your interest in applying for the role of Trustee for 1st Doddington Scouts. Before completing the application form, we ask that you check the list below to make sure that you are able to hold the position of Trustee and you understand what will be involved;

  1. The role of Trustee will require you to sign the declaration in the link below, if you are unable to sign this, then unfortunately you will not be able to be a Trustee
    Scouts Declaration for Adult Volunteers
  2. The role requires attendance at up to 6 meetings per year plus the AGM, whilst we understand that not everyone can attend every meeting, we do ask that you are prepared to attend as many as possible.
  3. The webpage listed below, describes the role and responsibilities of a Trustee and we strongly recommend that you read this carefully before completing your application. Scouts Trustees

Application form - deadline 5th July 2024:

Trustee Application Form 2024

Further information:

Trustee Information

Trustee Boards

The Essential Trustee - 6 Main Duties

Any queries: Contact Us

Data Protection:

Information provided as part of the application process, either about yourself or any referees, is for the purpose of Trustee selection only, and will be managed securely in line with UK General Data Protection Regulations.